A customer oriented approach to Big Data services

Global Telco Big Data Strategy

The Challenge

Global Telco Group was experiencing a proliferation of ‘Big Data’ style solutions, without any underpinning patterns or standards. Requests were ‘one-off’s’ and demand was unpredictable with little opportunity for technology standardisation or economies of scale. Technologies were proliferating and cost, complexity and fragmentation were rising. There was an opportunity to provide thought-leadership to customers on how to best and most cost-effectively service Big Data requirements. FHO was asked to assist in aligning Big Data technology to business needs – defining services and capabilities that shape customer expectations and ensure agility, cost effectiveness and flexibility as the technology evolves.

Starting with a Business Motivation model was crucial to getting disparate stakeholders working together. We used this as a reference throughout the project to make sure the work we were doing was aligned to our core goals and objectives
— Head of Cloud & Infrastructure Centre of Excellence, Global Telco

The context

Global Telco Group is a multinational telecommunications company headquartered in London. It is the world's second-largest mobile telecommunications company with networks in 21 countries and partner networks in over 40 additional countries. It is the third-largest company listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Global Telco Group Services delivers infrastructure solutions to European business units, and continues to grow its Big Data solution set.

Our Work

Aligning business needs with fit-for-purpose Big Data technology was key to driving value, and the focus of this project was developing a high-level service catalog for the Hadoop technology stack.

This involved shaping customer requests for Big Data solutions by designing an easily consumed set of services, which map to consumption patterns that cover key business use cases.

These demand patterns were reflected in a simple Service Catalog to enable customers to buy with ease, avoiding the expensive traps of custom engineering and vendor lock-in. It also enabled catalog-enabled standardisation of supply-side technology solutions – selecting solution patterns that are quickly deliverable and backed by streamlined sourcing and economies of scale.

The outcome

Global Telco Group was able to add clarity and thought leadership to the complex Big Data ecosystem in the creation of a high-level Hadoop Service Catalogue. In working with key stakeholders, business-driven, human-centric motivations and drivers were identified. A better understanding of the existing technology landscape was achieved through analysis and inventory, and a new technology architecture was created to better align supply and demand and identify fit-for-purpose technologies. Future projects are now able to base technology selection on business-driven principles, achieving cost effectiveness through economies of scale, and remaining agile and innovative in the rapidly changing Big Data environment.

What this meant for Global Telco Group

By focusing on business drivers rather than technology solutions, Global Telco was able to identify high-value use cases that align to fit-for-purpose technology, helping to shape customer expectations and drive cost savings and agility.