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The future is about connected people, and Telstra has pledged to deliver brilliant customer experiences. Telstra has to evolve to keep that promise. It means the digitisation of services, reinforcing core strengths, activating culture and transforming business capabilities in a human-centred way. 

FromHereOn is here to ensure technology drives business and customer outcomes. Unlike traditional Enterprise Architecture service providers, FromHereOn co-design with all stakeholders, introducing a fresh mindset and experience to generate real confidence and buy-in for ambitious change.

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About FromHereOn

Since 2002 we have assisted global brands to define customer led strategies, innovate service models and to define target architectures, operating models and implementation roadmaps.

We are a business design and architecture consultancy. We help redesign and transform organisations, to strengthen relationships with customers and staff, improving business performance and value.

Our approach combines human-centered design and strategic architecture methods, helping clients realise ambitious possibilities to innovate and stay ahead of the competition.


We offer a proven way to drive business renewal that is human-centred and business led. We help business leaders to build their brand, activate their workforce, enable service excellence and realise their transformation vision.


Our Services

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Determining the organisation of resources (people, process, information and technologies) needed to realise a desired business model and portfolio of services. By understanding gaps in capability maturity, data quality, technology and business fit, strategies are identified and a roadmap for implementation and transformation is specified.

  • Organisational Design
  • Business Architecture & Capability Based Planning
  • Information Management Strategy & Architecture
  • Application Portfolio Strategy & Architecture
  • Technology Infrastructure Strategy & Architecture
  •  IT Strategy (Platform, Operating Model, Internal Organisation Capabilities)
  • Cloud Transition Strategy and Operating Model
  • Interoperability Strategy
  • Practice Design and Capability Improvement (EA, IM, IM, Info Sec)
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Understanding the values, motivation and value proposition of an organisation together with the desired interplay between brand, customer and employee experience. By designing for particular Brand, Customer, and Employee experiences – important experience gaps are understood and key service concepts identified.

  • Brand Experience Design
  • Customer Experience Design
  • Employee Experience Design
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Determining the appropriate business model and mix of services to deliver an Experience Architecture, and deliver on the organisation’s goals and aspirations in a way that sustainably achieves both value for customer and value for the organization.

  • Business Model Design
  • Service Portfolio Design
  • Digital Strategy
  • Service Design

Case Studies

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Our Clients



We are in a new era of humanism. Those who intend to lead in this new era need a design-driven Experience Architecture.

This white paper explores the dimensions of Experience Architecture, FromHereOn’s Business Design Method and the challenge of building trust with staff and customers.