The purpose of this training:

  • Save you time producing future presentations

  • Learn new skills

  • Share the graphic design support load

  • Help you produce beautiful presentations and documents

  • Ensure our brand quality is consistently represented, protecting equity.

Chapter 1 - Course Overview

An overview of the course, workbook and links.


  • Brand & Presentation Training Workbook

  • Brand Asset Library

  • Beautiful Free Images & Pictures | Unsplash

  • stocksnap.io

  • thenounproject.com

  • icons8.com

  • FromHereOn Marketing / Design Request

Chapter 2 – Brand Guidelines

A walk through some of the brand elements and guidelines to ensure your output is on-brand.


Style Guide for Visio Models-v1.1

Chapter 3 – Design Principles

Some basic design principles to guide you in creating beautiful layouts

Chapter 4 – Using PowerPoint

Some basic PowerPoint use, including: layout options, text formatting, importing slides, sourcing imagery, cropping, and spell check.

Chapter 5 – Using PowerPoint (Advanced Users)

I take you through: editing imagery, Building custom shapes, the replace tool, resetting slides, the format painter, drawing diagrams, tables, charts, organising slides into sections, using master slides to make new layouts and control the look of a presentation, reducing file size, tips for collaboration.


Where you paying attention? Take the Brand + Presentation quiz!

Thank you for taking this course and up-skilling yourself! You are now a branding and presentation champion!

Hopefully, you are now equipped with the tools to make beautiful and on-brand presentations. We appreciate your time and hope you have learnt something. If you have any ideas for content to add, or want to provide feedback please email us at communications@fromhereon.com