Business breakthroughs in a week

Connect | Collaborate | Experience | Grow

The FromHereOn Bootcamp supports your organisation move to more agile ways of working by experiencing what it feels like to work differently. This five-day journey brings together techniques from different design disciplines such as Service Design, Enterprise Architecture and Finance, packaging them in an immersive and pragmatic way to give your team the tools and space to collaborate and solve business challenges.

Working on a real business problem the multidisciplinary team will work together with end users to accelerate an idea through to something tangible, contextual and valuable to both the business and the customer.

In just 5 days you’ll get through work that could take months.

Who is it for?

  • Product Owners – who want to quickly validate new service or product concepts

  • Solution Architects – who want a method to consult business partners on the right scope of work

  • Business Managers – who want to empower their team to design their own future

  • Transformation Manager – who want to de-risk transformation projects by delivering low fidelity prototypes of new operating concepts

  • HR / Business Change - breakdown organisation silos and create a case study for working in a true multi-disciplinary team

What’s different?

  • We know exactly what needs to be done before, during and after the Bootcamp to ensure you leave with an outcome that has management endorsement

  • We work in advance to brief and coach key business owners on the role they need to play to empower participants

  • To accelerate the research phase, we gather secondary research and set up a data room

  • Our agenda is designed for large organisations in mind. We’ve built activities that build consensus with teams that can traditionally be blockers

What can I take back to the business?

  • Research insights

  • Target state service / concept of operations models

  • Lots of ideas

  • Prototypes

  • Gap analysis

  • Impact assessment

  • Business Case

What will I get out of this?

  • Refresh mental models and open up potential by applying new hybrid thinking and problem solving techniques

  • Reduce risk and accelerate improvements through an iterative prototyping process

  • Engage business stakeholders in a common design process with a shared perspective

  • Utilise customer insights effectively to solve complex business challenges

  • Gain principles and methods for a more agile and responsive approach to customer feedback