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Adapting to customer needs through digital innovation and business model evolution


The digital era has continued to cause disruption to businesses across many industry sectors, putting business leaders under immense pressure to react appropriately and put digital transformation at the forefront of organisational priorities.

Changing consumer expectations, emerging technology, employee engagement and increased competition across many sectors has created both challenges and opportunities. It is clear that to maintain pace and grow a business in today’s climate will require business agility, product and service innovation as well as a shift towards a customer centric model.

But within each sector, and indeed with each individual business, they must identify and manage their own unique pain points and priorities. 

With this in mind, the Digital Transformation 2018 conference will unite Chief Digital Officers, Chief Technology Officers and Directors, Heads & VP's of Digital Transformation, Innovation and Strategy to offer  their insights, techniques and tools required to implement a seamless digital transformation strategy that will drive profitability and customer centricity.

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