• London
  • United Kingdom

Collaborate, Innovate and Excel.

It's an exiting and critical time for innovation professionals to take advantage of the opportunities offered. The Chief Innovation Officer Summit will provide you with knowledge and insights from across industry, with also having the opportunity to network with some of the most senior executives in business. 


How your organization can work with start-ups when innovating to stay relevant and competitive.


How you can use new technologies to enhance your innovation processes and reduce costs. 


How to effectively build on your teams experience and knowledge through progressive leadership developed by networking with your industry. 


An in-depth understanding of the core steps you need to undertake to stay agile and responsive to disruption. 

Top Tips 

For delivering a innovation program on time and under budget. 

Topics to be discussed: 

  • Start ups & corporates: Innovative Collaboration 
  • Al & new technologies for innovation 
  • Preparing & reacting to disruption 
  • Managing & motivating your innovation team 
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