• Gilley's Dallas (map)
  • 1135 South Lamar Street
  • Dallas, TX, 75215
  • United States

Think Bigger

Big Design was established based on the belief that people are better together. With over 70 speakers and facilitators, 3 spaces (including a rooftop patio) jam-packed into 3 days, this event looks pan-industry at solving big problems by bringing together the right mix of creativity, practice, experience and intent.

Designed to create opportunities for people to network, learn, share, and grow. The Big Design conference is suitable for people who share a passion for design, experience, innovation, usability, and change.

We agree with the conference statement that “Big Design is a way of thinking”, we have built out a framework and call it Business Design to organise the thinking… but in the interest of democratising design and leaning into the challenge of solving big problems, we look forward to the discussion at the event.

Tickets for Big Design 2019 are now on sale. There are a variety of ticket options for students, groups, and professionals.