Business Architecture Training

FromHereOn has developed and tested a scalable business architecture method that articulates what a business does, how it does it, how it is organised, and how it realises value. This integrated view is a powerful tool because it creates a common reality - a framework for better decisions. It contemplates the age-old strategy-to-execution riddle by fusing operational, strategic and functional perspectives into a holistic view, train all eyes on the prize - real and attainable business value.


Best practices and taught by practising Business Architects, this immersive experience combines elements of theory, practice and evaluation to provide attendees with an interactive learning experience.


  • Solve real-world problems that are specific to your business, using a methodology that has been developed over seventeen years in the field

  • Equip your team with the processes, tools, techniques and professional support to develop a capability to enable the business.

  • Enable your team to investigate, understand and articulate the architecture of your business

Learning goals

  • Define how the business is organised and how it operates

  • Map business motivation to business capabilities

  • Prototype business model scenarios

  • Develop a business operating model using capability based planning

  • Develop and communicate business design solutions

  • Build combined views to represent a variety of different concerns

  • Define an execution roadmap that delivers the strategic intent

COURSE Details

  • Entry requirements: None, other than being prepared for a 4 day work out

  • Level: Intermediate - assumes you have some knowledge of business analysis and change

  • Duration: The course is run over 4 or 5 consecutive days

  • Availability: This course can be run on request for a group of 9 or more

This course is designed for teams who need a practical approach to strategic planning that delivers tangible and sustainable change. If you would like to discuss Business Architecture training, Capability or Strategy, let’s continue the conversation