Christine Blyth installed as COO, one of 5 key senior appointments at FromHereOn

FromHereOn is delighted to announce that Christine Blyth will be assuming the Group Chief Operating Officer position, effective immediately. Christine is stepping into the role, having served as Chief Financial Officer for 3 years. Christine embodies our culture at FromHereOn, striving for impact and doing it all with a great deal of passion and integrity. "Christine will be great in this role, leading client and business performance and playing a key partnering role with me to develop strategy, foster the right culture and execute our regional plans." Hugh Evans, CEO
This coincides with the recent news that Maire Ruane, will be re-joining our team in the role of Delivery Director (APAC), reporting to Christine. Maire will be leading the APAC consulting delivery team, enabling our workforce to deliver fantastic outcomes for our clients. "I’ve watched FromHereOn’s growth, the awesome projects that we’ve been part of, the great talent we’ve attracted and the maturity of thinking we are bringing to the market, especially the niche we’ve carved in combining human-centred design and business capability modelling to drive technology strategy and transformation.  I am very keen to play my part in shaping the next phase of this success story."

In addition to Maire fulfilling the Delivery Director position, we are recognising the growth of several of our APAC leaders by formally appointing them into Consulting Director positions:

"We are very glad that we now have a strong representation of women in key leadership roles, consistent with our views on the value of diversity and personalities in the workplace. For those of you who know Chrissy, Maire, Alexis, Anthony or Chris, please do reach out and congratulate them" Hugh Evans, CEO