Service Portfolio Design at Enterprise Scale

Translating BT technologies 2020 vision into a new way of working was a multidimensional challenge.

The approach had to factor existing structure, resources, expertise, in-flight initiatives and a change fatigued culture. The approach had to be financially viable, capability feasible and appropriate for both employees and consumers. 

We partnered with BT Technology in the summer of 2017 to start a transformation journey to simplify the IT organisation and to enable a more modern, insight-driven and collaborative way of working that delivers better experiences at a reduced cost. The journey harmonised IT under a new brand, reimaged the services IT offers and streamlined to scale new practices.

Our approach was designed to;

  • be scalable across international locations and sustainable long-term

  • improve employee engagement by providing a means for inclusion and ownership of outcomes

  • embody the new way of working; it had to be inherently creative, energetic, optimistic, experimental, engaging and holistic

The Service Design Award, curated by the Service Design Network, is the premier international award for service design. The Award recognises work of an exceptional standard in the field of service design by both students and professionals.

This nomination is in recognition of some exceptional people doing some great work with a genuine desire to shape a better business and deliver more value to all stakeholders. It is also representative of a great partnership.

Good luck to all of the finalists! Looking forward to seeing some great case studies in Dublin at the SDNGC18