Maire Ruane returns to FromHereOn as Delivery Director (APAC) 

The Loggerhead Sea Turtle returns home to a precise beach location, even after a multi-year, epic migration at sea. While she’s no turtle, one of our favourite alumni is returning home to a key leadership role, after several years in delivery roles in Australia’s technology sector.

Maire Ruane has been appointed to the role of Delivery Director (APAC), leading the APAC consulting team, with the principal goal of enabling continuous development of our workforce to deliver fantastic outcomes for our clients.

According to Maire, an "alignment of purpose and a connection with the people" led her back to FromHereOn. 

Maire worked with FromHereOn for 11 years under the Enterprise Architects brand in Practice Director and Talent Services Director roles, establishing a trusted relationship with many leaders in the IT sector across Australia.  

Maire knows technology strategy and architecture like a turtle knows the ocean, appreciating that outcomes are all talent driven underpinned by a world-class method. Maire's breadth of experience in design thinking, strategy, architecture and, portfolio management reinforces the core know-how of our delivery team. 

As Delivery Director, Maire will lead a portfolio of client engagements with a focus on positively shaping the client experience. "It starts with the customer. We are in business to support CIO's and other business leaders to realise their business improvement and transformation ambitions. IT organisations are no longer order takers; they are now playmakers - strategic partners that understand and drive business value in service of the end customer. As a services business, experience, trust and common purpose are key to achieving excellent outcomes. I look forward to being part of that".

This appointment coincides with four other key role changes at FromHereOn.