In his post for Future Visions, futurist Ben Hammersley says “the best way to create a prosperous future is to nurture it”, building upon the cliché that the best way to predict the future is to invent it. When we embarked on the development of our new premises in Sydney we decided to take a bold step and design a working environment that goes beyond activity-based working and co-work. We set out to create a new kind of environment that celebrates the workplace as an space to be enjoyed and invested in — as much as we invest in our own homes. We wanted it to feel like the home of work — where we can spend time with colleagues and clients to solve problems and deliver projects and also enjoy the experience of working with real people whom we respect, admire and love.

The brief was clear. Find a versatile space in central Sydney to host client co-work projects, community events and house a back office team. It also had to be a compelling back-to-base proposition for our consultants who spend most of their time working on client site. It had to be a venue with soul and promise.


We engaged Siren Design, one of the most exuberant and creative interior design firms in the region to imagine a new work environment that would feel like our own. After burning the shoe leather walking the streets of Sydney, we finally discovered 36 Hickson Road in Miller’s Point overlooking the major new commercial precinct of Barangaroo.

Our new home sits in the top two floors of the original Australian Gas Light company AGL in a 170 year old class 1 heritage listed building, cut five stories high into a sheer sandstone cliff. Its sandstone walls and homestead-like feel presented us with the soulful canvas upon which we could create our new working space. It’s nothing like the huge modern developments surrounding us. It has charm, it has character.


Through the design process, we harnessed the existing qualities of each room to fashion a boutique, hotel-like hospitality and events workspace on the top level and a design production lab on the level below.

Overall our new Sydney ‘Base Camp’ is now the physical manifestation of our vision for a new, more human-centred way of working. One that believes that work is something to be enjoyed. A place where collaborative outcomes are framed by an inspiring space. It’s a huge investment in our people and our clients.


At a time when many firms have moved to open plan spaces and reduced office costs with a hot-desk model, this is an assertive step in a different direction. We’ve created a place where people can feel at home while being at work.

Come and check it out, we would love to have you over for a cuppa on the balcony.

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