In his recent TED talk ‘A Glimpse into the Future Through an Augmented Reality Headset’ neuroscientist Meron Gribetz illustrates the road ahead for human technologies. We are about to enter a time where data will no longer be consumed through rectangular phones and screens. We will experience an overlay of data in our physical environment. In this world the human body will become the operating system with technology providing a natural extension to our physical bodies.

In this world the businesses that can deliver the most desirable, intuitive, consistent and complete experience that merges digital and physical environments will lead. Experience design as we currently know it will not be enough. Organisations will be challenged with executing an incredibly sophisticated synthesis of business and technology design to achieve these outcomes. This will require a complete, end-to-end, ‘Experience Architecture’.


Designing for Human-Centred Transformation

This white paper explores the dimensions of Experience Architecture, FromHereOn’s Business Design Method and the challenge of building trust with staff and customers.