FromHereOn Shortlisted for Business Culture Award

Culture can't be codified or mandated. You can try to bottle it in company manuals, corporate infographics and ceremony but it can't be forced. 

Your company culture is a reflection of what your organisation stands for. It's the sum total of what people believe, and how that manifests in feelings, attitudes and behaviour. It is about how people perceive their role in the context of the bigger picture. If the team isn't in sync around the business vision, goals and what success looks like, culture fragmentation can set in.

Most organisations have a balanced scorecard with goals to build a strong employee culture, but they only pay lip service to culture design. Installing some slick tech, collab spaces, a foosball table, an inspiring feature wall quote and a drinks fridge doesn’t drive culture change, it's superficial, it's decoration.

Category: Consultancy of the year

Category: Consultancy of the year

The three big levers of culture are people, place and technology. The right tools and environment won't get you far unless you have people acting with a shared sense of meaning.

Motivation starts with a vision. If you don't start with the right purpose (Why), the way you implement a solution (How) won't produce the most valuable product or service (what). As Mr. Emerson says "the journey is just as important as the destination”

We are really proud to be shortlisted in recognition of some transformation work we have done with BT. 'HOW' we did the work was just as important as 'WHAT' we did. We were teaching a new way of working through experience-based training, underpinned by a new way of thinking that promoted empathy, experimentation, iteration, co-creation and human-centricity.

"We wanted to start a movement. We really approached this first and foremost as a cultural, behavioural and mindset change."

We provided BT with tools and techniques to promote an 'in service of' mindset, designing services that are both desirable and engaging. After experiencing this method in action, they have the proof points, anecdotes and experience to influence others and propagate a growth culture.

The end goal is never method based; it's about shifting attitudes to a be more optimistic, adaptable and passionate about people-centric change.

Mindset trumps method 9 times out of 10.