New Age Thinking for an Age Old Industry

Luke Greive Joins THE TEAM

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Luke Greive to the newly established role of Industry Executive – Aged, Disability and Community Care.

Luke has been in the sector since he was 16, working his way through the entire service spectrum. From sub-acute geriatric hospital care, residential and retirement care to community-based aged care, Luke has gained a 'lived' perspective on what these members of our society go through. Luke has had roles as COO of both the Salvation Army and RSL Care and then as Operations Manager, Aged and Community Care at Telstra Health.

Luke Greive.png

Commenting on the appointment, CEO Hugh Evans said "Luke is an excellent addition to our team, bringing real understanding and empathy for care consumers. The care industry is about the wellbeing of all of our mums, dads, brothers and sisters and we’ll all be there one day ourselves. Our intention at FromHereOn is to revolutionise the industry by reimagining care services using human-centred design, building upon the innovative work we’ve been doing with some of the largest and most ambitious providers in Australia. This is an exciting time that will bring important changes in technology and mindset for the care sector."

Our healthcare system is being reformed to put the power in the hands of the consumer, giving them greater choice and flexibility. Providers must rapidly evolve their business models and redesign their service portfolios as major reforms are phased in over the next ten years.

Luke said in his recent update “Given the sector-wide trends, every aged, retirement, disability and community care provider should now consider how it might provide a unique value proposition to current and future clients; one that centres on brand promise and customer experience” Read more here 

If you would like to connect with Luke, you can do so here.