Aged Care Service Innovation

RSL care & RDNS Service Design Strategy 


Build a service portfolio that collectively enable the realisation of customer value for existing and projected customers of RSL Care & RDNS over the next two years so that RSL Care & RDNS can delight customers with the relevance and innovation of their services, strengthen customer loyalty to the brand, and grow market share.

The Context

The new aged care landscape in Australia is quickly revealing itself, encouraging customer disruption through commercialisation of the industry. Many opportunities lie in wait for RSL Care & RDNS as the organisation responds. 


FromHereOn worked with the team at RSL Care & RDNS over a ten week period to develop a new service strategy through customer insights, development of a value proposition, prototyping, customer testing, capability assessment and the development of a service portfolio roadmap and model.


From more than 300 initial ideas, 29 persona specific services were designed. These were consolidated and refined down to 29, then 23, 15, 13 and finally 11 high-value service concepts. These were identified as the new portfolio of services. 


The portfolio of new services for the Community Care division of the combined business is now being actioned through the executive.

Through all levels of both the north and south sectors of the organisation, there are champions who implicitly understand the key moments of value in each of the services in the portfolio and who can shepherd that customer value through the stages of implementation and out into the RSL Care and RDNS Ltd service delivery landscape.

I recommend the approach, professionalism and the ability of the FromHereOn team to any organisation seeking to take their teams on a journey of re-designing their business to improve the value proposition for their clients. Our team is proud of their contribution to the outcomes achieved and genuinely enjoyed the journey.
— Wendy Flavien, Chief Integration Officer, RSL Care